Relax for a while in Quiet Getaways

Garden Breakfast @ Lamrin Norwood Green, Palampur

Everybody wants to lead happy and fulfilling life. An ideal life would be blended up with right mix of family, relationships, work, personal growth and travel. Mostly we prioritize our work, family and simply forget about ourselves, travelling and discovering new places, things and experiences. Everybody needs short breakouts from normal routine and relax for while in quiet place or getaways. These small trips rejuvenate and add freshness into the life. It also lends different perspective to life. So, it is advisable to look out for more healthy and amazing short trips to relax and rediscover your real self.

So, if whenever you have a long weekend packs your bags and picks a route to explore and utilize your holidays to full extent. You will find an amazing and long list of quiet getaways in India. If you are living in Northern side then you have a mesmerizing chain of hill stations to explore. With good two days in your hand you can easily travel to Himachal hill stations including Shimla, Kasuali, Kullu Manali, Dharamshala and also foothills including Palampur. They are traveler’s paradise. You can learn and explore a lot here. Theses hill stations lend you an insight into hilly life and culture. Many main markets turn into shopper paradise where shoppers love spoil themselves with unique creations. All in all it turns out to be amazing experience for everybody. These hill stations are a mix of quiet and hip getaways.

If you really want to relax and experience a laid back lifestyle then you can always plan your short holiday for beautiful foothills like Palampur. It is calm cool and soothing. It is one of its own kinds. You can easily chill out there with you family and friends. It is a very easygoing place with no hustle-bustle around only quietness and calmness. The best part is you can get high-class accommodation for your stay. Norwood Green here is an extremely lavish place ready to welcome their guest to best of their ability. It is a beautiful property made in unique and comfortable style. So, make use of your holidays and plan a trip too most appealing destination.