Round-the-clock Dining at Lamrin Norwood Green, Palampur

Private Dining

Our luxurious villa has a private dining area where the chef lays out the best spreads for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We provide the perfect fusion of regional specialities and delicacies with flavours from around the globe. We use authentic local ingredients and our food is cooked to your tastes and preferences.

A breakfast table decorated with delicious food and clean white plates with green garden in the background - Lamrin Norwood Green, Palampur
Dinning Area2

A Romantic Dinner

Indulge in a romantic dining experience with candlelight meals. We excel at providing rich culinary flavours that will delight your palate with the authentic tastes of different regions of India and the world. Whether it be a candlelight meal or a lavish feast, we offer the best gastronomical experience that will leave you satiated and content.

Gourmet Breakfast

The staff at Lamrin Norwood Green can put up an appetising breakfast spread in your garden for a leisurely dining experience. A gourmet breakfast is available for a balanced, successful, and traditional start to the day. We want to make sure that the breakfast you choose is just as appetising as it looks.

A perfect space for Garden Breakfast table surrounded by lush green trees under clear blue sky - Lamrin Norwood Green, Palampur
photo of a lawn area prepared desk waiting for food and visitors. evening time

Dine Under the Stars

 Gaze at the breathtaking views from the comfort of your balcony as you sip on exquisite mocktails and relish scrumptious delicacies. Spend time with your loved ones as you take in the scenic views of the mountain and the fresh air.