Partner With Us

We'd like to thank all our patrons and promoters!

Your love and support towards Lamrin Hotels and Resorts (Goa, Palampur and Rishikesh) have inspired us to take this up a notch, so that we can meet you at other popular holiday destinations.
We are very soon adding yet another feather to our cap, A corporate hotel in the heart of Dehradun and are looking at working with like-minded individuals who are as passionate about hospitality just like us.

Why partner with us?

If you have a passion for hospitality and real estate, this is perfect for you! We'd like our partnership to be enriching and positive. Out of the many benefits that await, here are two of the biggest takeaways:

 A passive source of Income | As the owner, the villa will not just serve as a second home but also a second source of income.

  Experience cultural diversity | Connect, share ideas and stories, and engage in conversations that celebrate our shared passion for travel with our guests from across the globe.

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