Partner With Us

We'd like to thank all our patrons and promoters! Your love and support towards Lamrin Boutique Cottages, Palampur and Rishikesh have inspired us to take this up a notch, so that we can meet you at other popular holiday destinations. Next stop? Bir!
Lamrin Boutique Cottages is all set to build villas in Bir, carrying the same charm and comfort of our Palampur and Rishikesh properties. This time, however, we are doing things a little differently. We wish to partner with you!
You buy a villa from us, we then take it back on lease from you and run it as a hotel with standards of excellence on par with the best hotels in India.

Why should you partner with us?


If you have a passion for hospitality and real estate, this is perfect for you! We'd like our partnership to be enriching and positive. Out of the many benefits that await, here are two of the biggest takeaways:

A Second Home in the Mountains
Gift yourself the peace of life in this small mountain town located in the heart of Himachal Pradesh. As the owner, the villa will serve as a second home as well as a second source of income! Explore the serene Tibetan colonies and wake up to the lush greenery of upper Bir.

Cultural Wholesomeness (Holiday With Us)
Experience the best of life, meet folks from all walks of life. We have a far-reaching network as our guests have visited us from all over the world. As the owner of a villa, you have the opportunity to mix and mingle with culturally diverse people, exchange ideas & stories, and discuss your mutual love for travel!

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