Our Story

Lamrin Hotels and Resorts is a luxurious collection of properties crafted by a team of experienced hospitality professionals with a shared goal of delivering an unparalleled holiday experience. Our grand and opulent hotels are inspired by natural elements and designed to provide guests with an exquisite and unique aesthetic. Each hotel reflects the local culture while offering the utmost comfort and luxury. Immerse yourself in the serene ambience of our sun-kissed, postcard-worthy destinations. Savour the flavours of our fine dining, partake in local excursions and activities at our eco-friendly properties, Lamrin Norwood Green in Palampur, Lamrin Boutique Cottages in Rishikesh, and Lamrin Ucassaim Hotel in Goa where the food is exclusively prepared with fresh organic ingredients. Our commitment to providing a truly enchanting experience is reflected not only in our promise of a momentary change but in the memories that will last a lifetime.



Our vision at Lamrin Hotels and Resorts is to serenade guests by enlivening their holiday spirit with abundant natural beauty and luxurious experiences. With trust, warmth and comradeship, we want to ensure that they live a life of tranquillity for the few days they experience our hospitality.



At Lamrin Hotels and Resorts, our sole mission is to be a holiday companion for our guests and give them an experience that truly resonates with luxury, efficient services and rejuvenation. Setting high standards of hospitality, the Lamrin group of hotels rages through its mission to emerge as a cocoon of contentment for every heart it touches.