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Amidst the captivating panorama, Lamrin Norwood Green introduces its most prized possession: an extravagant four-bedroom villa in Palampur that guarantees an unmatched encounter with luxury, magnificence, and the splendors of nature.

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One of the finest ways to enjoy a stay in Palampur is by checking into The Lamrin Norwood Green, Palampur, located near the tea gardens and offers stunning views of the surrounding hills. The Lamrin Norwood Green is a luxurious property that offers world-class amenities and services to its guests.

exterior of our hotel decorated with aesthetic yellow lights, beautiful trees and captured during sunset - Lamrin Norwood Green, Palampur

Lamrin Norwood Green in Palampur is a luxurious resort surrounded by natural beauty. It offers a comfortable and relaxing stay with various accommodations and amenities, as well as a range of activities and experiences. The dining experience is exceptional, and the hotel provides personalized sightseeing tours. Guests can indulge in yoga and meditation sessions or enjoy private dining with live music and a cozy bonfire.

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When you come to spend a quality holiday in places of solitude like Manali, Shimla and Himalayan valley region, there are a lot of recreational activities you can engage yourself in. Some popular camping sports in the region include hiking.

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Holidays are rejuvenating tonics for our normal lives. If you are not able to plan a full-fledged holiday to a distant land, then it is advisable to book a quick getaway and have a good time with your loved ones. Himachal Pradesh is nature’s paradise.

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For anyone who plans to escape the hectic routine and wants to rest in the lap of peace and serenity, Palampur is the place to settle. The lush green beauty, tranquil backdrop and much-needed peaceful surroundings make Palampur the ultimate vacation destination.

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For a resplendent experience of vacationing in the lap of nature in Palampur, Norwood Green cottages are the ultimate destination. With plush green surroundings, astonishing interiors and a peaceful ambiance, this place is among the best hotels in Himachal Pradesh.

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Tibetan influence is strong in the north of Himachal Pradesh. The touristy places that have the most Tibetan influence in the state are Dharamshala and Bir. In fact, you can also study Buddhism in these places.

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The entire state of Himachal Pradesh is rich in terms of culture and tradition, Palampur being no exception. In Palampur, there are numerous festivals that are celebrated with lots of enthusiasm. There are different kinds of fairs that are held every year.

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The hill station of Palampur in Himachal Pradesh is very uniquely situated amidst the snow covered mountains and green plains of the Dhauladhar ranges. This diverse landscape enables a lot of fun activities for travellers of varied tastes and ages.

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For those who love lush green mountains, calm sites, beauty and peace spread all over, Palampur in Himachal Pradesh is a perfect place to go for. Situated at aloof side foothill in arms of Mother Nature, it is a small cozy village that lends you a dip to quiet, tranquil and serene life.

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Himachal has secured a spot amidst the top ten states for promoting tourism at its best. The board of tourism in Himachal along with local authorities are planning and adopting new measures for development so that it can become the number one tourist destination in India.

An enchanting exterior of our hotel decorated with aesthetic yellow lights and captured during sunset - Lamrin Norwood Green, Palampur2

Looking for a home away from home, then Norwood Green could be your perfect holiday destination. The luxury resort has a boutique of exquisite Villas which will make your stay an unforgettable memory. Situated amidst the flourishing tea gardens of Palampur, the resort offers you an absolutely amazing connect with the nature.

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If you really want to relax and experience a laid back lifestyle then you can always plan your short holiday for beautiful foothills like Palampur. It is calm cool and soothing. It is one of its own kinds. You can easily chill out there with you family and friends.

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Are you a middle-aged person that is just too bogged down from a year’s worth of work?  Or are you just an adventurer who wants to see the world and all it has to offer? However, you are and wherever you’re from, Palampur is definitely the place you want to head to.

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A romantic getaway to the hills might just be what your relationship needs. Sometimes a break from the mechanical, boring life is all you really need to spice up your love life.

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The cottages that offer self-catering accommodation have gained a lot of popularity among tourists. Self-catering cottages are not only private but also secured so that you can take some time away from your hectic daily life.

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If it is natural, picturesque beauty and a serenity far away from the cacophony of city life that you are looking for, then you need to book a trip to Himachal Pradesh for your next vacation.

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If you haven’t already vacationed at Himachal Pradesh, the coming summer months are the best time to take a trip to this beautiful northern state. It’s snow clad mountain peaks, valleys dressed in green, and flowing rivers, make it feel like a whole new world, for city dwellers.

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Hill stations have been popular tourist spots since time immemorial, and Palampur is no different. It is surrounded by the Dhauladhar range and that makes for a fascinating view. Since this is such a popular tourist spot, there are many beautiful hotels in Palampur.

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Himachal Pradesh is not just a breathtakingly beautiful place; it also offers travelers mouthwatering pahari cuisine that you are sure to fall in love with.

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Palampur is known for its mesmerizing scenic beauty, but did you know about the historic significance behind this picturesque place? Apart from its beauty, it is also famous for its numerous monuments and temples.

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After a hectic working week, you definitely need to have a chilling and relaxing long weekend to rejuvenate. Short breaks are part and parcel of our busy schedules, so why waste them? Take full advantage and plan a cute family outing to natural yet luxurious place

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Himachal Pradesh has often been called the most beautiful place in India, with exquisite towns and cities like Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala and Palampur. Palampur is a beautiful town situated in the Kangra Valley, right in the midst of mesmerizing natural beauty.