Engage Yourself in Various Outdoor Camping Activities and Adventure Sports


When you come to spend a quality holiday in places of solitude like Manali, Shimla and Himalayan valley region, there are a lot of recreational activities you can engage yourself in. Some popular camping sport in the region includes hiking. The visitors who are interested in hiking can hire expert professionals for hiking trips. There are many units which will provide you with camping and hiking gear alongside an expert professional who will guide you through the complete process of safe hiking.

Bungee jumping, River rafting and Outdoor camping

People from all over the world come to witness the natural persona of this place. Rohtang pass is a heavenly place for the tourists who love adventure and mountaineering. It gives a wholesome combination of thrill, excitement and an instant adrenalin rush to people who come here. Some tourist uses the shallow waters of the rivers for river rafting. One of the most popular factors of this place is the sheer quietness that takes you into deep serenity. This place is famous for various outdoor activities and adventure sports such as river rafting. This serenity comes from the nature and proves to be an amazing experience for the spectators. It serves as one of the major attractions of Himachal Tourism. Another scintillating feature about this pass is that it lies exactly on cut-off point between the basins of river Chenab and river Beas. If you come to this place, you can see a large number of tourists engaging in several outdoor activities such as cooking, camping, photography, fishing and even mountain biking.

Fishing and Terrain Biking

Tourists who come to visit manali always opt for outdoor camping activities due to pleasant weather. The place is only cleared for touring and other activities when Indian army gives the permission to do so.
A thorough inspection is done on the snow and climate by the geological department before providing any clearance. Some of the most sought after adventure and camping sport in this region is terrain biking, fishing and board games. Fishing has become extremely popular outdoor camping activity in these places. There are many places in the close proximity of the pass, which you must surely visit. Nehru kund is one such place. It is approximately 6 kilometers from manali and a major attraction of Himachal Pradesh tourism. It is an excellent amalgamation of natural surroundings. Pure water hastening through huge rocks and producing a mesmerizing sound that catches your attention instantly. This place is also famous for river rafting capabilities.