Blurred view of a room from the door @ Lamrin Ucassaim Hotel, Goa

Check 20 Factors before booking a Hotel in Goa

When it comes to experiencing the true essence of Goa, Lamrin Ucassaim stands as a hidden gem nestled amongst the hotels in Goa near beach and within the enchanting beauty of this picturesque village. This serene destination offers travelers a chance to unravel the charm of old Goa while indulging in the delights of an 18th-century Portuguese villa, Hotel Lamrin Ucassaim. Before booking your stay at this captivating establishment or any other Hotels in North Goa, this blog will delve into 20 essential factors where history and modernity blend seamlessly.


1. Location and Village Charm

Lamrin Ucassaim stands out amongst the best hotels in Goa. Located away from the hustle of crowded tourist areas, it provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a rustic village setting. It sets a fantastic experience of tranquility and the allure of old-world Goa. Here, the pace of life slows down, and you can genuinely connect with the local culture and way of life.

2. Historical Significance

One of the standout features of Hotel Lamrin Ucassaim is its historical significance. If you have a penchant for historical landmarks and appreciate the charm of centuries-old architecture, this is a must-consider factor. Set within an 18th-century Portuguese villa, this hotel offers a glimpse into Goa's colonial past and is one of the Best hotels in Goa for family. Staying here feels like stepping back in time.

3. Room Choices

Accommodation at Lamrin Ucassaim caters to diverse preferences. From cozy Deluxe Rooms to spacious Super Deluxe Rooms and even grand Villas, you have options to suit your needs and group size. Whether you prefer a more intimate setting or require ample space, the hotel has something for everyone, making it one of the best luxury hotels in Goa. 

4. A Blend of Old and New

The unique charm of Hotel Lamrin Ucassaim lies in its ability to blend old-world charm with modern amenities seamlessly. While the villa has its historic character, it has been thoughtfully upgraded to meet contemporary standards of comfort and convenience. The vintage decor and modern amenities create a harmonious environment that appeals to history enthusiasts and those seeking modern comforts.

5. Reviews and Testimonials

Reading about the experiences of others who have stayed and searched for the best hotels in north Goa can help you make an informed decision. Before making your reservation, reading reviews and testimonials from previous guests is always a good idea. These can provide valuable insights into the hotel's quality, service, and overall experience. 

6. Aesthetic Appeal

One of the hotel's distinguishing characteristics is its aesthetic attractiveness. A visual treat awaits you around every corner if you enjoy old furnishings and elaborately carved woodwork. The villa's interior decor brings back memories, making your stay relaxing and beautiful. 

7. Balcony Views

Imagine waking up to peaceful mornings on the garden balcony, where the sun's gentle beams embrace you. The fragrant flowers dance with the beat of the community as they wave softly in the breeze. The outdoor balcony provides a tranquil setting and lovely views. Consider whether this atmosphere, ideal for rest and reflection, is what you are looking for during your visit.

8. Proximity to Beaches

While Lamrin Ucassaim offers a tranquil escape, it is also conveniently located at a comfortable distance from Assagao and Goa's famous beaches, bringing it amongst the best hotels in Goa near beach. Think about how vital beach access is to your travel plans. If you wish to combine the serenity of village life with the excitement of beach outings, this location provides the finest of both worlds.

9. Cultural Immersion

Lamrin Ucassaim is the place to go if you want to learn more about the rich Goan culture than what you often experience as a visitor. Staying in an old villa in Goa offers a singular opportunity for cultural immersion. You can talk to the inhabitants, discover their customs, and participate in village life.

10. Availability of Modern Amenities

Necessities like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, hot water, and comfortable beds are necessary for a comfortable stay. It's crucial to embrace the allure of the past while ensuring that the luxury hotels in Goa have contemporary amenities that meet your needs. To have a wonderful experience overall, ensure that these conveniences are available.

11. Transportation and Accessibility

Consider the comfort of reaching Lamrin Ucassaim from major transportation hubs. Goa's international airport and railway stations are nearby, but understanding the logistics of getting to the village is very important. Additionally, inquire about transportation options for exploring the different places and attractions.

12. Restaurant and Dining Options

Knowing your eating tastes can affect the hotels in North Goa you select. Look into the hotel's on-site eating alternatives, which can be useful for late-night cravings and lazy mornings. If you're a food enthusiast, you might instead like to experience the local cuisine at a nearby restaurant.

13. Safety and Security

When making a reservation at any of the opulent hotels in Goa, your security and comfort should always come first. Verify that the hotel offers essential security precautions, such as a 24-hour front desk and strong locks. For a worry-free stay, making sure the surroundings are secure and cozy is crucial.

14. Family-Friendly Features

Family-friendly amenities are crucial to take into account if you're traveling with children. Ask if there are any kid-friendly facilities like clubs or babysitter services available. The best hotels in Goa for family make sure that everyone has a good time, no matter their age.

15. Pet-Friendly Policy

Those who are traveling with pets must make sure the hotel is one of the top hotels in Goa that allows pets. Ask if there are any additional restrictions or fees for bringing your pet friend. Your trip might be more convenient and pleasurable if you find pet-friendly lodging in Goa.

16. Wi-Fi Connectivity

Reliable Wi-Fi connectivity is largely a must in today's digital world. Make sure the hotel provides a robust and steady internet connection, whether you need it for work, getting in touch with family, or organizing your daily schedule. For many tourists, a reliable Wi-Fi connection is a practical consideration.

17. Parking Facilities

Inquire about the hotel's parking options if you intend to travel to Goa in a car or scooter. Planning your travel and setting a budget based on parking availability and any associated costs can be beneficial.

18. Check-in and Check-out Times

For a seamless arrival and departure, it's important to be aware of the hotel's check-in and check-out procedures. In order to prevent problems, be sure to schedule your travel around these times.

19. Cancellation Policy

Plans might alter at any time because life is so unpredictable. In case your vacation plans need to be revised, review the hotel's cancellation policy to prevent any unforeseen fees. To make an informed choice, become familiar with the terms and conditions.

20. Special Requests

It is best to let the hotel know in advance if you have any unique requests or requirements. Notifying the hotel personnel in advance can ensure that your needs are met, whether they are for an extra bed, accessible features, or culinary preferences.

Hotel Lamrin Ucassaim in Goa offers a unique experience—a blend of history, culture, and modern comfort. Before booking your stay, consider these 20 factors carefully to ensure that your visit to this 18th-century Portuguese villa in Lamrin Ucassaim or any other hotels in North Goa fulfills your desires for an unforgettable Goan getaway. With the charm of old Goa and the comforts of the present, your journey promises to be a tapestry of memories that will last a lifetime. It's a place where you can immerse yourself in the bygone era's grandeur while enjoying the delights of contemporary hospitality. This destination beckons travelers seeking a captivating and culturally rich experience. Book your stay at Hotel Lamrin Ucassaim and embark on a journey back in time amidst the beauty of Goa's hidden gem.