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Best 5 Star Resorts in Goa: Luxury Resorts in Goa

Lamrin Ucassaim is a 5 star resort in Goa that guarantees to reveal Old Goa's charm and wow you with the luxury of an 18th-century Portuguese mansion. If you're looking for an opulent and culturally immersed vacation in Goa, look no further. Lamrin Ucassaim is one of the best 5 star resorts in Goa

Our resort in Goa takes you to a place unaffected by the passage of time because it is tucked away in the breath-taking beauty of Ucassaim village. It's almost possible to hear the dreamy tunes that once filled the air, taking travelers on a trip back in time as you stroll through the winding streets of this charming village.

Luxurious Accommodations Near the Beach

At the Lamrin Ucassaim resort in Goa, the lodgings are simply exceptional. The resort, housed within the walls of a Portuguese villa from the 18th century, provides a range of opulent options specially designed to suit the preferences of every visitor. You'll find an exquisite fusion of old-world charm and modern comforts, whether you choose the warm Deluxe Rooms, the roomy Super Deluxe Room, or immerse yourself in the grandeur of their vast villa.
Every room at the resort bears witness to its amazing metamorphosis from a historic treasure to an opulent getaway. The attractiveness of the original construction, which oozes colonial influences and vintage aesthetics, will enthrall you as soon as you enter these chambers. A fantastic opportunity to engage with the region's rich legacy is presented by the atmosphere it produces, which is reminiscent of a living museum. The atmosphere is filled with echoes of the past, and stories are told in every chamber. The villa-hotel is more than just a place to stay; choosing to stay here is a fascinating and enlightening experience that expertly melds the finest of modern comfort with old-world beauty.

Unwind by the Pool 
Lamrin Ucassaim strives to offer an all-encompassing experience in addition to its plentiful lodgings. A swimming pool at the resort beckons you to unwind and revitalize in luxury. The welcoming pool area provides a peaceful haven amidst the energetic Goan surroundings, whether you want to take a cooling dip after a day of touring or relax by the poolside with a drink.
The on-site bar at Lamrin Ucassaim is the ideal spot to unwind for those looking for a taste of Goa's thriving nightlife. Whether you're craving traditional cocktails, regional beers, or unique concoctions, the talented bartenders are ready to create your favorite libations.

beach sand and palm trees with blue sky and sea as far the eyes can see @ Lamrin Ucassaim Hotel, Goa

Services in Our 5-Star Resorts in Goa

Lamrin Ucassaim takes excellent care to ensure your stay is nothing less than extraordinary. This is more than simply a goal for the resort. They make tremendous efforts to ensure your experience is flawlessly personalized. A closer look at some of the outstanding amenities and services you can expect at this resort in North Goa is provided below:
1. Delightful Private Dining Experiences: Having wonderful private dining experiences is one of the best parts of your stay with us. The attentive team pays close attention to every detail and carefully organizes these events. The resort's private dining options are made to help you create priceless memories, whether you're commemorating a special occasion or just looking for a personal, intimate dining experience. Imagine indulging in mouth-watering cuisine in a private and romantic setting, under the stars, or in a quaint villa nook. Your visit is elevated to a new level by this culinary excursion.
2. 24-Hour Room Service: Your requirements might only sometimes coincide with established mealtimes or schedules. Because of this, they provide 24-hour room service. They provide 24-hour room service to ensure you are well taken care of at all times, whether you are seeking a late-night snack, a cool drink, or a complete dinner in the privacy of your room. You can relax and eat at your convenience, thanks to this convenience.
3. First-Rate Services: 5 Star resorts in Goa take great pride in offering excellent services to all guests. Their highly trained staff is committed to making every aspect of your visit exceptional, from when you arrive until you go. The personnel at Lamrin Ucassaim will attend to your requirements, offer suggestions for nearby attractions, or ensure you have all you need for a relaxing and delightful stay. Your memories of your visit here will be treasured because of their unwavering dedication to quality.

Facilities to Enhance Your Stay to further enhance your experience, the resort offers a range of facilities designed to make your stay as comfortable and convenient as possible. These include:

Air-Conditioning: Goa's tropical climate can be warm, and the resort ensures you stay relaxed and comfortable with efficient air-conditioning in all rooms.

Free Wi-Fi: Stay connected with loved ones or catch up on work with complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the resort.

Minibar: Enjoy a selection of refreshments and beverages from the minibar, allowing you to quench your thirst or satisfy a craving at your convenience.

Tea & Coffee Maker: Begin your mornings with a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea in your room, a perfect way to kick-start your day.

Complimentary Breakfast: Wake up to a delicious and complimentary breakfast, ensuring you're energized and ready to explore all Goa offers.

Laundry Service (Chargeable): The resort offers laundry services to keep your clothes fresh and clean during your stay. Please note that this service may be chargeable.

Mineral Water Bottle: Stay hydrated with complimentary mineral water bottles in your room.

Wardrobe: Store your belongings neatly and conveniently in the wardrobe provided in your room.

Bath Slipper: Enjoy added comfort during your stay with the complimentary bath slippers provided.


In essence, Lamrin Ucassaim offers abundant lodging and ensures that first-rate services and considerate facilities distinguish your entire stay in our 5 star resorts in Goa. They put your convenience, comfort, and enjoyment first to make your visit a genuinely priceless and unforgettable experience.


Lamrin Ucassaim is a symbol of luxury and cultural immersion in the center of North Goa. You'll find that this 5-star resort in Goa is the ideal entryway to luxury and leisure as you explore the enthralling beauty of Ucassaim village and repose by the pool or in the lavish private villa. Allow Lamrin Ucassaim, Goa, to take your Goan adventure to new levels of luxury and comfort as you revel in the treats of an 18th-century Portuguese villa.