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Explore the musical heritage of Ucassaim village while staying at Lamrin Hotel, an 18th-century Portuguese villa. Enjoy a peaceful getaway close to Assagao and Goa's beautiful beaches.

room with a double bed and two pillows

Lamrin Ucassaim Cottages in North Goa boasts enchanting cottages amidst serene landscapes, transcending mere accommodation. Evolving from an 18th-century Portuguese cottage, it now stands as a splendid six-bedroom residence.


Lamrin Ucassaim is among the finest 6 BHK villas in North Goa; when entering, you are ushered into a bygone era, surrounded by exquisitely carved wooden furnishings, antique furnishings, and an unquestionable air of grandeur. Wake to peaceful mornings on the garden balcony, bathed in a soft embrace from the sun's warm beams.


Are you searching for resorts in North Goa? Imagine waking up to tranquil mornings on your garden balcony, bathed in the gentle embrace of warm sunlight while fragrant flowers sway in the breeze. Lamrin Ucassaim Goa Resort is strategically positioned near Assagao and the pristine beaches of north Goa, making it an ideal gateway to the inviting golden sands and azure waters.