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Lamrin Ucassaim Resorts in North Goa is one of the best resorts in North Goa and provides a variety of luxury services in one place. our resort is situated near Assagao and the pristine beaches of north Goa, making it an ideal gateway to the inviting golden sands and azure waters. Here, you can immerse yourself in the harmonious symphony of waves crashing against the shore, accompanied by the refreshing scent of the ocean—a genuinely immersive coastal experience awaits you.
Out of the many resorts, Lamrin Ucassaim Resorts in North Goa will stand out for its dedicated customer service and luxurious accommodation options. Our resorts boast a prime location near the popular beaches, where you can enjoy your days and the events in real life, making your booking worthwhile and the best.

ancient-hall @ Lamrin Ucassaim Hotel, Goa
eighteenth-century-bed @ Lamrin Ucassaim Hotel, Goa

Facilities at Our Resorts in North Goa 


Our luxury resort in north Goa offers a diverse range of amenities and facilities, setting it apart as a unique destination among resorts in north Goa. Here's a glimpse of the exceptional features awaiting you during your stay:

  1. Eco-friendly Practices: Lamrin Ucassaim Goa Resort is committed to eco-sustainability. We employ energy-efficient lighting, practice responsible waste management, and source local and organic products whenever possible to minimize our environmental impact.

  2. Mini Libraries: We offer mini libraries with diverse reading materials for book lovers. Whether relaxing by the pool or on your garden balcony, you can delve into the world of literature.

  3. Indoor and Outdoor Activities:We provide various activities to cater to your interests, including guided nature walks, cultural experiences, and assistance exploring nearby attractions.

  4. Swimming Pool:Our inviting swimming pool is perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating. Whether you want to take a refreshing dip after a day of exploration or simply lounge by the poolside with a drink, our tranquil oasis awaits.

  5. In-house Bar: Our in-house bar is the ideal spot to unwind and savor the essence of Goa's vibrant nightlife. Our skilled bartenders craft classic cocktails, local brews, and exotic concoctions for you to enjoy.

  6. 24-Hour Room Service: We understand that your needs may arise at anytime, so we offer round-the-clock room service to make your stay as comfortable and convenient as possible.

  7. Cultural Experiences: Immerse yourself in the history and cultural heritage of Goa with our curated experiences, allowing you to connect with the local traditions and lifestyle.

  8. Local Community Support:We are dedicated to supporting the local community by getting products and services locally, thereby contributing to the sustainability and growth of the region.

  9. Warm Hospitality:At Lamrin Ucassaim Goa Resort, our courteous and attentive hospitality ensures that you feel like a cherished member of our extended family. We are dedicated to making your stay memorable.

By opting for our luxury resort and cottages in north Goa instead of any other resorts in north Goa, you're not just choosing accommodation; you're embarking on a captivating journey where history, nature, and comfort seamlessly converge to provide an unparalleled experience in the heart of Goa. We eagerly anticipate your arrival and are dedicated to ensuring your unforgettable stay.

Old Goa @ Lamrin Ucassaim Hotel, Goa
beach @ Lamrin Ucassaim Hotel, Goa

Experience the real nature of north Goa from our resorts


While residing in our luxury resort in north Goa, a world of captivating experiences awaits you beyond its doors.

  1. The Heritage Walk: Step into the past with a leisurely heritage walk that takes you through the charming streets of Goa, showcasing exquisite 18th-century Portuguese architecture and providing access to ancestral homes. Meet the warm-hearted locals, disconnect from technology, and immerse yourself in Goa's history and culture. Top it off with a delightful treat of freshly baked Poee bread and artisanal chorizo sausages in a traditional home while our knowledgeable local guide shares stories of Goa's rich heritage and a taste of the famous Feni.

  2. Nature Trail:Embark on a guided nature trail that reveals the hidden treasures of Goa's natural world. Explore lush flora and fauna, learn to decipher the jungle's signs, and let the melodious birdsongs and graceful butterflies enchant your senses. Wander amidst the vibrant heliconias that adorn the verdant landscape, painting it with hints of red and yellow.

  3. Surfing with Locals:If you're a surfing novice, we offer lessons with local experts. Spend a thrilling day catching the waves with uninterrupted views of the Arabian Sea. Let the ocean's energy invigorate you as you ride the best swells.

  4. Dolphin Safari: Palolem Beach is renowned for dolphin sightings, and you can experience this magical encounter on a morning boat ride. Watch in awe as dolphins leap from the calm waters, followed by a picnic at a nearby hidden beach.

  5. Nature Therapy: Delight in a bird-watching paradise at the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. Sail through the tranquil mangrove forests at dawn with our expert bird watchers. Marvel at the colorful kingfishers, cormorants, striated herons, and other avian wonders in their natural habitat.

  6. Water Odyssey: Immerse yourself in the enchanting Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary. Wade through crystal-clear waters, cross pristine streams frequented by dragonflies and vibrant butterflies, and relish a delightful breakfast with the symphony of cascading waterfalls as your backdrop.

  7. Cycle City Tours: Escape desk job fatigue with a cycling adventure through an island frozen in time. Pedal through paddy fields, visit ancient temples and picturesque churches, discover hidden caves, and traverse winding roads while uncovering the city's rich history. Take a ferry ride to Divar Island, exploring the historic Portuguese quarter along the Mandovi River.

  8. Stroll through the Spice Farm: Journey into the tropical rainforest of the Western Ghats at Tanshikar Spice Farm. Explore 25 acres of organic spice cultivation, immersing yourself in the rich, verdant landscape. Conclude your walk with a Goan-style lunch thoughtfully prepared at the farm.
  9. Pure Taste: Immerse yourself in the village market, meet local fishmongers, and breathe in the aromas of fresh spices. Experience Goan cooking traditions using fresh ingredients and savour a homemade feast of authentic flavors. Learn the secrets behind pork vindaloo, Goan prawn curry, and vegetable Xacuti as we proudly share our cherished recipes.


Additionally, if you are looking only for cottages and hotels in north Goa, then Lamrin Ucassaim, Goa, is the best option for you because we are providing luxurious amenities in a villa with a private pool and world-class amenities, which give you instant relaxation and satisfaction.

We cordially invite you to enjoy Lamrin North Goa Resort's unique spirit, which sets it apart from other resorts in north Goa with its rich history of our 18th-century Portuguese mansion and the natural beauty of Goa. Thanks to our warm and attentive welcome, you will feel valued as a member of our extended family. We are dedicated to giving you a memorable experience so that you will never forget your time in Goa. We hope to see you soon at our resort.